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Thursday, 7 April 2016

NEW: 3D Flower Floral Plugs / Gauges

We've been really busy over the past few months, what with it going all a bit mental over Christmas and being a wee bit short-staffed for a while, so we've not long had some time to develop new products for your earholes. We've since got access to new toys and new materials, and are having a great time playing about with them, and we've even managed to come out with some plugs.

Let's start off with our new 3D flower plugs. These are available in a variety of metallic colours, and come in sizes:
  • 8mm / 0g, 
  • 9mm / 1g, 
  • 10mm / 00g, 
  • 11mm / 7/16", 
  • 12mm / 1/2" Small, 
  • 13mm / 1/2", 
  • 14mm / 9/16", 
  • 16mm / 5/8", 
  • 18mm / 11/16", 
  • 19mm / 3/4" and 
  • 20mm / 3/4" Big. 
We may be able to go bigger on these as well, please contact us for further details.

You can find these in our shop or our Etsy.