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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Seasonal Changes

We've been experimenting and playing with things behind the scenes, and have come up with some fabby new feasts of colour and shinyness.

First lot of fabby colour and shinyness is the rest of the 'Park' series of plugs. We started a while back with a picture of a Lake District woodland in the autumn, which gave us the luvverly Autumn Park plugs, and wanted to represent the three other seasons with glorious splashes of iridescent colours. How did we do?

Winter Park: A cold, frozen environment. Blues shift from a silvery hue to a deep blue.
Spring Park: Inspired by cherry blossoms. Pink, green and purple iridescence.
Summer Park: A lush, green growth of glittery foliage.

These will all be properly available in the new shop from April 2 in sizes 4mm (6g) - 20mm (~3/4"), simply because we've run out of room on the current shop. Can't wait till then? Make a custom plug request.