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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Lovely Plugly Plug Testing Labs

We thought that we'd put some different types of faux plugs through some gruelling testing. They've been worn constantly, slept in, showered in, dropped in hot tea -- we're not very nice to our test subjects, really.

We've been "simulating the continous dropping of jewellery onto a hard stone floor", but maybe got a bit over-zealous with the amount of force applied as we've managed to bend a few, as seen on the photo on the right. They're made of surgical steel, which is a bit of a git to bend at the best of time, so this bending was quite impressive, as was the toughness of the fronts \o/

We were so heavy-handed that one of them even snapped at the base and can't be used for testing anymore (the fronts are fine, mind, just a bit tatty round the edges from being beaten into submission).

Farewell, test Ice Planet of Hoth faux plug, we'll miss ya, little fella.