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Friday 21 June 2013

New Plugs: Fruity Jellyfish Iridescent Glitter Custom Plugs

These plugs were inspired by, as the name suggests, fruit and jelly. The jellyfish part came about completely by accident and it all turned out so AWESOME that we decided to develop them into the colourful wee beasties you can see pictured there, on the right. Pictures do not do these justice at all -- the pictures don't bring out the translucency, iridescence, glittery bits and bobs, and they just look a bit flat in the photos <dodgy photographer />

Fruity Jellyfish plugs are available here in five fruity colour combos , with custom colours options coming along soon. You can get these in sizes 10mm / 00g up to 20mm / ~3/4, maybe we get them up to 24mm / 1" Small at some point as well.