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Sunday 7 September 2014

Entanglement Earth Crystal Faux Dichro Galaxy Style Plugs - Plug of the Month for September

We've got a plug of twinkling rainbows for your ear-holes
this month, yes indeedy :) Plug of the Month for September are these Entanglement Earth Crystal faux dichroic galaxy-style plugs; these are deep-filled with iridescent flashes of orange, green and blue, and set against semi-translucent pearly-white backs.

As usual, photos don't do these justice, these need to be seen in real life for the full extent of their colour-flashy-thang.

These are on special offer throughout the month of September, with prices starting at £6.49 per plug. They're available in sizes 8mm (0g) - 20mm (>3/4") all ready-to-ship, or if you want something bigger (up to 30mm / 1-3/16"), or even made out of titanium or glass, then you need the fine services of our pre-order listing Entanglement plug listing.