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Monday 15 September 2014

New Plugs: Nebulous Galaxy Nebula Plugs

We've been playing about with little nebulae for a while now, and had some fantastic results in making gorgeous 3-D nebula, but decided to save them for when we got some decent glass in. We waited, very patiently, and two and half years later our glass came in. Now we've got our supplies, we can start making more. Yay!

These Nebulous nebula / galaxy / space plugs start at 10mm (00g) and go up to 25mm (1"), but we may be able to go smaller / bigger on these at some point, we'll see how they go. We can make them in glass and titanium as well as the usual 316L steel, with prices starting at £7.99 per plug.

So, what's different about these new Nebulous plugs, you may be asking. Well, as previously mentioned, they sport 3-D handpainted nebula that cloud over a big star, deep-set within the plugs, whereas Space is Deep galaxy / nebula / space plugs and Supernova Remnant galaxy / nebula / space plugs are top-set plugs. They're more an explosion of colour, really. Nebulous plugs are also a bit more subtle with the glitter, but they still have tiny holographic stars that flash tiny rainbows at you. The picture on the left also gives you a better idea of the differences; Nebulous are on the top, Supernova Remnants bottom left, and Space is Deep is on the bottom right. Pictures look flat, so you can't really see the 3D awesome :(

We'll soon be putting up a custom listing for these as well, when we sort out the colours. However, if you're impatient and fancy some Nebulous plugs in green, magenta, purple or reddish, you can contact us or make a custom request on any product page at :)

Nebulous galaxy / space / nebula plugs can be found here, or have a look here for all of our space-themed plugs.