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Sunday 22 March 2015

New Plugs: 1977 Lava Lamp Translucent Groovy Custom Plugs / Gauges

Hello there, have you met our new 1977 lava lamp style plugs yet? We've been playing around with various forms of these for a while, and the ones here are by far the favourites.

Unfortunately, these ones don't have the moving blobs of lava (those particular ones had a shelf-life so were abandoned, shame) but they still look fantastically colourful and lava-lamp like. They look particularly wonderful when they have a bit of backlight, the translucent colour lights up, making the blobs of lava stand out all proud and out there.

You can get our groovy 1977 lava lamp style plugs in sizes 10mm (00g) up to 25mm (1"), and they come in a range of colours and materials (316L surgical steel, titanium and pyrex glass), just take your pick :)