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Saturday 20 June 2015

NEW: Removable Plug Pendants for Single Flared / Screwback Plugs / Gauges

Dangly plugs are great, but wouldn't it be nice if you could take the dangles off and pop them on your favourite single-flared or screwback plugs? Well, we've made this possible with Plug Pendants. Simply get your plug or tunnel, slide on the Plug Pendant and put in your ear -- it's as simple as that.

See top right for a picture of the Bird in Hoop Plug Pendants worn with an Aurora Borealis Blue plug.

Plug Pendants have a 316L surgical steel base, so they won't make your ear go funny, and have low-nickel dangly components. You can get them in sizes 8mm / 0g - 20mm / >3/4" and they'll happily fit on most single-flared and screwback plugs (we've tested them on a lot of different plugs with no problems, but can't absolutely, positively guarantee they'll fit on your plugs as some plugs may run a bit big).

You can find Plug Pendants in the Dangly department at Lovely Plugly, or you can get them from the Lovely Plugly Etsy Shop.