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Tuesday 12 April 2016

New: Chandelier Gemstone Ear Weights / Hangies for Tunnels / Eyelets / Gauges 10mm / 00g and Over

We've been making danglies and hangies for a while, but wanted something a bit heavier to hang from our ears. We came up with these Chandelier Gemstone weights.

These chandeliers for tunnels are made with love and come chock-full of shiny stone in various colours. The metal bits are silver-plated, lead-free and nickel-free, and the hooks are made from flexible polymer clay and polyurethane, coloured to match the stone. They're made to fit in thin-walled tunnels size 10mm / 00g and over, are sold in pairs and are ready-to-ship, either from our shop or our Etsy.

We're not taking custom orders on these for the foreseeable future, so each one is one of a kind -- grab them while they're hot!