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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

New at Deep Ocean of RGB plugs. These are lovely little fellas; they're a gorgeous translucent red topped off with blue, green and teal iridescent faux dichroic flashes of colour. They're deep-set as well, so there's more colour-action going on than with the standard Ocean of RGB plugs.

They're very nice. Photos don't do them justice.

These have actually been a while in the making, as we could never get them quite right (all sorts of weird stuff, some ugly, happened when they cured, which ruined their super-prettiness). However, we don't like to be beaten by weird, ugly things that can happen during the manufacturing process, so we pushed on and I think we've won now.

Deep Ocean of RGB plugs are available now in sizes 8mm / 0g up to 25mm / 1", single or double flared, 316L surgical steel, titanium or wood. We might be able to do these in other colour combos as well, so give us a shout over at Special Orders for the custom plugs of your dreams.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

These customisable Heart-Eyed Skull ear weights / hangies have been a long time in the making. The inital batch was made up November 2018 (or thereabouts), with one pair being completed and listed, but things got in the way, or broke, or ran out, so the others were put on hold.

However! The heart skull weights are not on hold anymore, they're now listed in the shop (with the exception of the silver-toned aluminium ones, they're awaiting polishing). Each listing has diifferent configurations, just as a few examples of how you can customise them.

First up are the copper heart-eyed skull ear weights / hangies. These have rose-gold-plated hooks, and fit through thin-walled tunnels 6mm / 2g and over. You can wear these in naked piercings as well, but only for short periods. Weight of these is ~26g.

Next we have the brass and blue haematite heart-eyed skull ear weights / hangies. These have brass saddle spreader hooks, and are lovely and comfortable to wear. The flares on these saddles do verge on the very large side, so unless you have very stretchy ears you may be better off getting a smaller size.  These come in sizes (big) 8mm  / 0g and over and weight ~32g.

And finally (for now) the Madagascan labradorite dark-silver-toned heart-eyed skull ear weights / hangies. These have been cold cast in iron, and have stainless steel hooks. These can be worn in naked piercings for however long is comfortable, or through tunnels size 8mm / 0g and over, and weigh in ~29g. The labradorite has a nice bit of flash on it as well, which is always good.

Fancy something different? You can make a special order for custom ear plugs / ear weights with this handy form.

Heart-Eyed Skull Facts! The skulls used for these are based on the Love-Skull design by FP-Creator; you can find their original model on the Thingiverse. These particular ones were optimised for ear weight fabness in Blender and 3D Builder, then printed in resin before being moulded and cold-cast into the ones pictured.

Copper & Rose Gold Heart Skull Ear Weights / Hangies
Brass and Blue Haematite Heart Skull Saddle Ear Weights / Hangies
Labradorite & Dark Silver Iron Heart Skull Ear Weights / Hangies

Thursday, 24 May 2018

This a just a quick post to let you know that our privacy policies at and have changed.

Here's the privacy policy for

The Etsy privacy policy can be found in our Policies section here:

A quick TL:DR of the aforementioned privacy policies:
  • We use your data for fulfilling orders and customer service. 
  • Your data can be deleted by request. 
  • Your data is shared with the delivery companies that deliver your items, and Etsy or Shopify (depending on which shop you use).  We may also need to provide data to comply with any legal obligations or court orders.
  • CJ McAllister is our Privacy Compliance Officer, and any questions about your data can be sent to her through hello at lovelyplugly dot com.
Sorry to bore you all, we've included a picture of our chief barketing officer, Sir Sidney Puddingbottom, in this post, who is wearing a look that says how most would feel when someone reads out loud several privacy policies when all they want is a bit of frothy coffee followed by a snooze.