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Tuesday 16 October 2012

More Upgrades: Glass Fronts

Glass is one of our favourite materials and we initally wanted to make all our plugs out of it, but it didn't used to play nice with some of the materials we used. Such a bummer.

However, we've been testing it out with some different stuff for quite a while now. We're well chuffed with the results, and will be slowly but surely be using glass for as many sizes as we can.

We won't be able to accommodate all sizes /yet/ but we'll try our best to do so. 

Sizes currently available with glass fronts (will be updated as we add more):
5mm (4g)
6mm (2g)
8mm (0g)
10mm (00g)
11mm (7/16")
12mm (~1/2")
14mm (9/16")
16mm (5/8")
18mm (11/16")

Available in our shop now.