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Tuesday 15 January 2013

FIGHT: Entanglement vs Subspace Colour-Flash Faux Dichro Plugs

We often get asked, "Hello Lovely Plugly, what are the differences between the Entanglement and Subspace plugs?" so I thought that I'd do a little comparison thing.

Subspace Plugs (above left):
Densely packed fine sparks of colour, almost like electricity coursing through the plug. Backs are generally translucent (unless you want black). These are more bubbly than the Entanglement ones due to the way the materials interact with each other (lots of degassing, bubbles get caught). There's a video of one here that shows off the sparkle.

Entanglement Plugs (above right):
These have fatter sparks of colour layered throughout the plug, almost like glitter, but not glitter as I am trying to cut down (it gets everywhere and there's no getting away from it, it's like a Kardashian). Not as dense as the Subspace plugs, so more of the rear, translucent colour shows through. Pictures make them look a bit boring, really, can't get a decent photo. Or video, for that matter.

WINNER: I couldn't decide so I kept them both and asked someone else. They said that Subspace would probably win the fight, but would be badly injured and would probably have to retire from plug fighting.

Subspace Plugs and Entanglement Plugs are available in the shop in a variety of colours, sizes 8mm / 0g up to 20mm / ~3/4". There'll be more colours coming soon, followed by a raft of customisable options. Maybe we go bigger as well. Yes. In the meantime, if you'd like these in any colours or sizes that aren't listed then send us a custom request and we'll see what we can do :)