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Sunday 5 May 2013

New Plugs: Shimmer Stone Faux Stone / Dichro Colour-Shifting Plugs

I like making fake rocks. Normally, I would make big ones out of concrete, chicken wire, rubble and acrylic paint and stick them out in the garden, but it's getting pretty full out there now and I'd quite like a veggie patch, so we thought we'd concentrate our efforts on little things and make faux-stone plugs.

These particular plugs have a silvery cracked, veiny faux stone underneath a smooth resin top, and are available in two different varieties - Electric (Teal to Deep Blue colour-shifting) and Rusty Moss (Deep Orange to Green colour-shifting). There'll be more colours to come in the future, we're just waiting for some cool beans to turn up :)

The ones pictured have flat front flares (these look nicer and more 'natural'), but are also available with domed fronts as well (brings out the colour-shift a bit more).

Both the Electric and Rusty Moss Shimmer Stones are available in the shop at 10mm (00g) up to 24mm (1" Small), and we'll be working on getting these out in bigger sizes at some point in the future.