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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Bright Water Faux Plugs

Fake plugs. They're not plugs, but they're not earrings either. They're quite possibly something else altogether but, regardless of what they are, we get asked about them a lot so we make them now.

Ignore the bit on the photo that says they're 1.6mm, that would be due to brain running in neutral at 2AM whilst semi-watching The West Wing. They're really 1.2mm (16g).

This fake plug is like the surface of a magical pond -- it has a blue, shimmering background covered in rainbow glitter flakes and bits of prismatic micro-glitter that catch the light.

316L Surgical Steel
1.2mm (16g) with 7mm (5/8") front flares
6mm (1/4") stem length.
Slightly domed, clear front flares
Rainbow flakes change colour depending on light and angle

These Bright Water faux plugs are available in the shop now, as are the Sunset Waters. Also, we can do a wide variety of things on these -- theoretically we should be able to put anything we currently do at 6mm (2g) on these, if you're interested then make a request :)