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Thursday 12 April 2012

New Products: Abstracts

Sometimes, due to it's somewhat renegade nature, glitter really gets on my nerves. I love working with it, but I hate it when it travels and ends up in my dinner, or in my phone, or follows me up the A10 to gently nestle in my mother's cream carpet.

It appears on my husband's face. At work. Never good. It just gets everywhere, which is why its sometimes nice to work with paint and make some abstract stuff.

Anyway, new shop is open and we can fit in loads more products. It's marvellous, it's like living in a bedsit that is the size of a cupboard then moving into a real house and being able to stretch out your arms without walls interfering or tripping over something and concussing yourself on the edge of a coffee table.

Moving on ...

Abstract Orchid Blobs: Pink and purple blobby flower petals. From 8mm (0g).
Abstract Moon Rock: A barren, cratered look in a smooth plug. From 6mm (2g).
Abstract Turquoise Blobs: Like a turquoise stone. With blobs. From 8mm (0g).